Services for Shipowners

Experience and flexibility in work allow us to meet the shipowner’s high requirements for the selection of qualified crew .

Crew selection

Selection of crew members. We select the crew considering a lot of factors pointed in shipowner’s request  , the previous experience of seafarers on vessels of this type, type of the engine, the legitimacy of diplomas and certificates, as well as the level of English both spoken and professional


Testing of seafarer’s skills, including knowledge of SOLAS / MARPOL and ISM Code Our Engineer and Captain Mentor check the level of professional skills  of seafarer, verbal / written test is taken A working situation is modeled  to identify the strengths of a seafarer The level of  English is checked with  Marlins tests and Ces 5.1.

Medical examination

Medical Examination. Effective work is possible only with the appropriate physical condition of a seafarer. According to Ukrainian legislation, all seafarers undergo a medical examination at certified marine medical centers. In the process of checking the health of a seafarer, they take a blood test, make a photofluorogram, and they are examined by a dermatologist, an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, a surgeon, a dentist, a therapist. Drugs and alcohol tests are required

Juridical support

  • Representation of the interests of the shipowner, legal services
  • Organization of visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens
  • According to company policy, additional certification of seafarers


One of the services we provide is booking,  purchasing tickets for seafarers . It simplifies the process when an urgent crew change takes place or when the destination has unexpectedly changed

Crew Application

Please fill out the Crew Order Form and we will respond with a candidate’s application form for your approval.